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Intelligence at the service of Recruitment Agencies.

Your CRM: Complete - Intuitive - Evolutive- Collaborative
Imagine your activity of a fluidity and a speed never reached, animated by collaborators easily mastering your portfolio in collaborative mode. Now imagine an intuitive and scalable management software that integrates seamlessly into your organization and allows you to manage your agency and external partners.

Pro Recruitment Agency,
is a CRM Recruiters solution, recognized by professionals for its ergonomics and ease of implementation.
From a clear vision of your operation and your future, it is the result of 10 years of R & D.

12 modules and more than 250 features

Pro Recruitment Agency is a Marketing & CRM Recruiters solution.

Simple. Powerful. For recruiters professionals

Manage all prospects comfortably at the same place, no matter where they come from

Enjoy a 360 ° view of all customer activities and always be one step ahead.

Manage all of your job positions and publish them on your website and portals with one click.

Emailing Campaign – Engage with your candidates and clients via Marketing Automation

« Our employees were immediately seduced by the solution. The interface is so intuitive that its use required almost no training of our team.»
M. Lauret / Director. Adecco Group

Manage client Prospect Understand Communicate Retain
Manage your clients, track sales activities,  and all your contractual relations, archived in the integrated GED. Every customer touch-point becomes an opportunity to connect and strengthen your existing and future relationships. Analyze and view your reports from the dashboard, or simply export your data. Find your contacts in one click and communicate with your employees, customers, prospects and companies. Build a strong customer and prospect link with our marketing campaign module: contact segmentation, integrated email, campaign setup, budget management, campaign reporting.


Our software is well thought out and really complete, but each cabinet is unique, so we designed it so that all the modules are configurable and adaptable to your operation. And if by chance you are out of the ordinary, we can advise you and accompany you to design your own modules within our software.

Features by module  :

Ease of use Prospecting Collaboration Communication
  • Intuitive design for recruiters who need easy access to jobs, clients and contacts
  • Access via multiple devices whether using a desktop, mac or tablet
  • Remarkable reporting – so you can report on any data that’s in the system and share with colleagues or management
  • Management and follow-up of prospects and contacts
  • Management of prospecting campaigns
  • Mail Merge
  • Sending emailing campaigns
  • Relationship History, Event Log
  • Import prospect files
  • Multi-user, multi-agency
  • Extranet access for customers (integrated with your colors in your website)
  • Extranet Access for Proxies
  • Multi-channel news publication (intranet, extranet, website)
  • Staff directory
  • Tasks and reminders between collaborators
  • Planned actions, renewable, assignable to all customers
  • Memos
  • Shared calendars connected to smartphones
  • Standard mail (integrated editor)
  • Custom mail
  • Embedded inbound and outbound emails (webmail)
  • Dialing the number (VoIP)
Customer Relationship Management Financial Data Manage MatchMaking Marketing
  • Create and manage individual contacts
  • Social contacts
  • Create and manage businesses
  • Track activities like calls, emails, meetings, shows
  • Option Duplicate automatically
  • Easy handshake wizard
  • Assign leads to agents
  • Application / Mobile Access
  • Development of a payment schedule with multiple installments
  • Tracking actual payments against schedule
  • Setting reminders for upcoming / late payments
  • Classify payments into two categories (paid and pending)
  • Application of VAT
  • Identify the customer’s needs
  • Look for matching lists for candidates
  • Send lists by email to customers
  • Lead Emails (send email to identify prospects automatically
  • Create campaigns
  • Budget your promotional expenses
  • Assign contacts to campaigns
  • Automatic calculation of the return on investment