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Marketing Automation Pharma

How does marketing automation help pharmaceutical businesses?

Pharma companies are at the stage of gathering data and deepening their understanding of their customers. This is the prerequisite to deploying marketing automation tools.

To win in the fast-changing environment, now is the time for life sciences marketers to rethink their digital communications strategies.
Marketing automation allows life sciences organizations to nurture patients, healthcare providers, hospital administrators, etc. with tailored, useful content that can help convert them to customers or delight them as current customers. This type of marketing automation typically generates significant new revenue for companies and provides an excellent return on the investment required.

That is why Pro CRM & Showerthinking have team up to provide the best consulting services to the Pharma Industry in the Marketing Automation domain.
Experts in Salesforce solution implementation, we have a successful track record of projects in the Pharma sector. We help life sciences companies to successfully implement a marketing automation strategy.

Key benefits of Marketing Automation

  • Get a single 360 profile of your customers as well as a general overview of the “On and Off” impacts. This is enable by connecting “Tool and People”, between Digital, Product Marketing and Sales Force Effectiveness teams.
  • Implement powerful Omnichannel strategies that can combine different strategies, segmentations and frequencies while making a cross channel approach to your targets.
  • Offer the best user experience along a mix of channels that your customers will select on their journey.