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Healthcare & Life Sciences

We offer a CRM application built on the Salesforce platform designed specifically for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Healthcare CRM Solution

We offer a healthcare CRM based on Salesforce is to improve care across the entire patient lifecycle. To accomplish this, the best CRM system must integrate with important back-office systems including medical billing and any existing enterprise software system.

Key Benefits

  • Deliver highly personalized and engaging outreach to target populations across channels.
  • Measure the success of engagement tactics using configurable reporting.
  • Create a 360-degree view of consumers and patients by integrating data from multiple sources for a complete profile.
  • Analyze and segment consumer and patient populations.
  • Measure and track multi-channel marketing tactics (email, direct mail, SMS, social).
  • Connect & analyze multiple data sources, including consumer & patient demographics, clinical, financial, website & more, to derive actionable insights.

Life Sciences CRM Solution

We offer a life sciences CRM that could help you foster cross-departmental collaboration to create a unified coordinated customer experience that enables better patient access to your brands and drives your commercial success.

Key Benefits

A custom-built CRM system can empower your team with rigorous data, and also establish high-quality relationships with customers, healthcare and medical professionals, which decreases your expenditures, simplifies your workflow and refines customer management.