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Accurately tracking ROI has always been a struggle for
and has kept marketing on the sidelines of budgeting and strategy meetings for years. Marketing automation closes the loop on your reporting, attributing each closed deal to the campaign or conversion point that sourced it, and showing the various marketing touch-points along the buyer’s journey from click to close.

Accurate ROI raises the accountability of the marketing department, providing insight into how campaigns are truly performing. This clarity also better positions marketing within a company to make decisions and obtain a larger piece of the budget, and means that marketers can do more with their budget — no matter the amount.

According to Salesforce and Pardot’s own study, companies who use automation have 53% higher conversion rates from responding to qualified leads, and achieve a 9.3% higher sales quota.

These KPIs can help in your ROI estimation along the way :

  • Measuers the ROI as the net gain (total value won opportunities minus actual cost) divided by the actual cost.
    The Total Value Won opportunities is the calculated amount of all opportunities closed or won, where the campaign is the primary Campaign Source of the opportunity. In order to increase this number, you’ll want to make sure you’re working with your best prospects first. Lead scoring will help you do just that.
  • The weighted pipeline (WP)
    It examines each member of your brand audience and the likelihood for each to convert into revenue at a future point in time. It breaks your entire customer journey down into stages, so you can see how your leads are moving through it. This allows you to accurately see current demand and project future outcomes.
  • Measure the experience via  satisfaction scores :  Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)
    These scores offer more granular insight into which experiences you should work on and at what point.And finally ..
  • Lifetime customer value (LCV)
    LCV is a powerful marketing metric for one basic reason we all know: keeping customers longer is more profitable. LCV tracks just how long you are retaining them and how much they are spending throughout their lifecycle.

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