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Key benefits of Recruitment Marketing Automation
Recruitment marketing automation helps recruiters to promote an employer brand in order to attract suitable job candidates and build a strong talent pipeline. Automation tools leave hiring managers free to concentrate on crafting a strong employer brand and interfacing meaningfully with candidates.
How to calculate the ROI of your B2B Marketing Automation project ?
Accurately tracking ROI has always been a struggle for marketers, and has kept marketing on the sidelines of budgeting and strategy meetings for years. Marketing automation closes the loop on your reporting, attributing each closed deal to the campaign or conversion point that sourced it, and showing the various marketing touch-points along the buyer’s journey from click to close.
3 keys to a successful Marketing Automation strategy for companies
And Internet and social networks have upset the expectations and behaviors of the customers. The customers now prefers to conduct his own buying and does not appreciate the commercial solicitations that never fall at the right time. To meet this challenge, you must put in place a relevant Inbound Marketing strategy whose educational and persuasive content will be the central element. The goal here is twofold: • Attract the buyer's attention when searching the Internet. • Nourish your purchase thinking to bring it to maturity